We are Karen Gibbons and Peter Reich, NYC artists, long ago lured upstate in hopes of escaping the sweltering heat and distractions of summer in the city. Attracted by unspoiled rural beauty, we were delighted to find a beautiful secluded property right on the banks of the Delaware River. Here we have restored a grand old Victorian home, run a B&B, and raised three children, while pursuing respective careers of holistic therapy and bicycle design in the city. Now we have reimagined the heart of our place in the country, and proudly offer you River Dreams.

Long Eddy is home to a few hundred people and includes a post office, fire house, the Basket Historical Society, a boat landing, a saloon, and a restaurant/cafe.

Just a short walk from town, the River Dreams is delightfully private and has its own stone beach, formed where Hoolihan Brook empties into the headwaters of the ‘Wild and Scenic’ Upper Delaware River. Here, one can paint en plein air, dive in for a refreshing swim, sunbathe, launch a kayak, prepare a cookout, have an evening bonfire, or gaze at the summer stars.

Our native neighbors include bald eagles, trout, turkey, deer, wild ducks, geese, vultures, groundhogs, mice, coyotes, insects of all sorts, and mosquito-eating bats. If you’re lucky, you might encounter a black bear or a bobcat, but these sightings are rare.