River Dreams Retreat House

with Karen Gibbons and Peter Reich

As your hosts, we are delighted to share our passions with you. We offer our house for those seeking an opportunity to retreat in a serene and beautiful environment. Our place has had a long and colorful history: as the local lumber baron's private home in the 1800's, a halfway house for recovering alcoholics in the 1940's, a ceramics shop in the 1960's and a bed and breakfast in the early 2000's. Situated on the banks of the Delaware River, the house has always been a place where its inhabitants can enjoy and appreciate the wonders of the local environs. Currently, we are offering a slice of inspiration and serenity to artists and other seekers for residencies and retreats and calling it River Dreams.

Upcoming Retreats

August 23-27

Bodies of Light Retreat

with or without Reiki 1 Training

A weekend of healing modalities to heal body, mind and spirit. 

Become a Reiki master: $1500 per person

In this retreat you will learn how to teach Reiki 1 and 2 and Masters to others as while exploring your role as a healer, a teacher and a light worker. 

Since we are out in this beautiful place we will be out interacting with nature as we do our work.  Marisa will use her skills in psychodramatic action methods and breathwork to observe our obstacles to being our brightest Selves as healers, teachers, and Light workers living in the path of sharing light and love in every aspect of our lives.

Pre-requisite: Reiki levels 1 and 2.   Retreat begins Wednesday, August 23rd and continues for five days finishing at 5 pm on Sunday, August 27th.  The price $1500, includes meals and lodging.  Are you ready to become a Reiki Master?


OR ENJOY THIS RETREAT AS A REIKI 1 TRAINING: All day Friday, August 25, 9am-5pm

Reiki can be translated as Universal Life Energy.  It is a balancing, intelligent, harmonizing energy that heals on all levels:  the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  In this Reiki 1 workshop you will learn:, the Reiki History, the Reiki Principles,
the hand placements for treating yourself and others, basics of healing work
& how to work with clients.

You will receive the level one Reiki attunements that will be sealed in you for life. 

This is a fantastic tool for anyone who is interested in or is already involved in healing work. 


Friday night: Laughter Yoga

The good news, and the magic behind laughter yoga is that our brains don't know the difference between fake laughter and real laughter. Ha ha ha. When we practice laughter yoga we use fun exercises and games to stimulate fake laughter that usually turns into real laughter.  Through the practice of "faking" or truly laughing we enjoy the physical benefits of increased blood circulation, oxygenation and immune enhancement. Laughter relieves stress, eases fear and anxiety, increases creativity, alertness and memory, uplifts the mood and increases strength and resilience in challenging situations.

Saturday and Sunday Morning: Yoga and Pranayama with Reiki

Saturday Workshop: Reiki and Art Therapy in Combination

Saturday night:  Breathwork

Breathwork is an active breath  mediation that slows the busy mind and connects us to our heart, the seat of inspiration. When the brain has a chance to reboot, clarity, alertness and presence result. Stuck energy often is the form of deep emotion is often released from the body and mind.  From this space new possibilities come forward and creativity is enhanced.


Weekend Retreat is $250 for workshops food and lodging.  

Reiki 1 Training is $195



Marisa Sullivan is a certified yoga teacher with extensive training including certification from Jivamukti, Pelvic Floor, and YCAT Yoga for Cancer and Chronic Illness.  She teaches Yoga for Cancer Patients and Survivors at NYU Hospital. She has an extensive private practice working with therapists and Psychiatrists with clients with anxiety, depression and eating disorders, with clients with ongoing illness and injury who need a modified yoga practice, and with anyone who loves yoga and wants to explore an investigative, personalized, therapeutic yoga practice. She teaches Laughter Yoga, Wholistic Embodied Ecstatic Sexuality and Charkras and Vocal Production workshops. 

Marisa is an intuitive healer using Reiki and Shamanic Practices. She is a Reiki Master and teaches and mentors other healers.  With an extensive performance background in dance and theater as well as a Masters in Theater for Educational and Therapeutic Use, Marisa uses theatrical techniques that embody play and creativity in her teaching and healing.  She recently studied with David Elliot completing Levels 1-3 of his healer training. She is certified in Breathwork and teaching Breathwork. She is constantly exploring and learning through her teachers, her peers, her students and her life.  


September 1-4
Living with Pleasure through Difficult Times

Yoga and Art Retreat with Karen Gibbons
$395 per person

Enjoy Karen's intention focused approach to practicing yoga and art.  Wrap up your summer pleasures with a vacation retreat that will help you cultivate pleasure in your daily life with intention focused yoga and art.  This long weekend will be filled with activities that empower you to live with intention and tune in to your ability to create the life you want for yourself. 

Retreat begins Friday evening and ends at noon on Monday. Lovely meals, yoga and meditation with props, art making materials, free time for hiking, kayaking, swimming, etc. are all included.  The price is $395 per person.

Karen Gibbons is an artist and holistic healer.  She is a registered yoga teacher, yoga therapist and licensed art therapist.  She trained with many wonderful teachers including, Integrative Yoga Therapy with Joseph and Lillian LePage, The Energy Center's Yoga for Life program, School of Visual Arts Masters of Professional Studies and more.  She is the author of Integrating Art Therapy and Yoga Therapy, Yoga, Art and the Use of Intention, and enjoys exploring and sharing her passions; yoga, art and nature. 

Looking to Host a retreat?

Retreats may be hosted by friends and guests who share our vision. Simply put, looking to be your best self is the best way to contribute to a better world. We wish to promote beauty, love and unity through self awareness and personal growth. We welcome retreat proposals that support our dreams.

Please tell us what you have in mind for a River Dreams retreat. Retreats are small, 10 people maximum. You will be responsible for enrollment, advertising, etc. as well as food and activities.  We provide bedrooms (with linens and towels), common areas for eating, meeting, yoga practice, etc. and use of facilities for cooking, art making, and recreation. Let's talk particulars if River Dreams seems like a good match for your retreat.

Contact Karen and Peter at River Dreams with details-- prices vary according to your needs: