This is a self-funded independent artist residency. Residency fees help to cover costs of lodging, studio space, utilities, and maintenance. All residencies are from Saturday to Friday. Residents are responsible for the cost and preparation of their own meals, as well as all transportation costs. Price includes a Saturday evening welcome dinner. Wednesday evenings everyone is invited to contribute a dish for a potluck dinner or cookout by the river, weather permitting. During the growing season, residents who choose to help out with the weeding and watering of the garden may harvest fresh, organic produce, as available, throughout their stay. Prices are subject to state and local taxes:

  • Single room:  $480 per week (1 person with studio space)
  • Double room (2 people share 1 bed, each person has studio space): $720 per week
  • Double room (2 people share 1 bed, only 1 studio space) $600 per week
  • Need-based Assistantship: (single room and studio) $300 per week + cleaning, building maintenance and gardening, as needed. (Only one offered per session).

A $100 security deposit is due upon acceptance of your application proposal to be returned at the end of your stay, barring damages.

The full fee is due at least one week before the start of your residency. 

Artists will be notified of acceptance after their application is reviewed. Any cancellations must be made 30 days prior to the residency. No full refunds will be made after the start of the residency.

If you are applying for a residency with a friend, spouse, or partner, each person must complete a separate application.

Residents must be 21 or older.

Apply to River Dreams Residency

Please be aware:

  • Residents are responsible for the general upkeep of their rooms and studio space during the duration of their stay.

  • Bathroom and kitchen cleanup is required after every use, please leave the kitchens and bathrooms clean for the next person. 

  • Laundry: washer and dryer are available, River Dreams will provide hand, bath, dish, and laundry soaps.

  • The cost of repairing any damages incurred within bedrooms or studio space will be charged to the resident.

  • Quiet hours are 10 PM-8 AM.

  • We ask that you moderate volume or use headphones for listening to any music or DVDs.

  • Residents must abide by all local, state and federal laws.

  • Respectful use of alcohol is permitted.

  • No firearms and other weapons are permitted anywhere on the property.

  • Residents are responsible for the return of any borrowed equipment or books.

  • Smoking is permitted outdoors only.

  • No candles, incense, or open flames.

  • Sorry, no pets (however Sparky, our elderly pup, is in residence).

  • Unfortunately, we are not wheelchair accessible at this point, there is an option for limited use of stairs (3 steps).

If you cancel more than one month before your start date, the residency fee and security deposit are 100% refundable. If you cancel your residency less than one month before your start date, 75% of your total residency fees will be refunded only if an alternate can be found to replace you. If an alternate cannot be found, there will be no refund of your fees.

If you leave before the end of your residency, there will be no refund of your fees.